Since 1995 Harmanli continues to introduce its collections based on ever changing themes with intensive usage of the huge material range including mainly leather & fur. The materials have a dominant place in the process of creation; the leather & fur are being interpreted as fabrics, liberally manipulated and treated with a qualified workmanship to fit to the ever-growing standards.

The design-oriented aspect of the company distinguishes Harmanli from the mainstream of apparel producers and is perceived as one of the leading companies of the sector especially well known for developing unconventional and distinctive designs even for setting new trends.

Harmanli, the authentic fashion label is creating highly refined and prestigious goods conforming to the innovative image of the brand.

Harmanli prepares two seasonal & one exclusive collection for outwear devoted to the woman who cultivates some avant-gardism while keeping its feminine roots. These unique collections are combined with two accessory collections including shoes, handbags, belts, hats and gloves.

As a key component of its growth strategy Harmanli targets to expand the market awareness of its products and existing marketing networks. At present Harmanli exports all its production to the high end boutiques and department stores in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Asia, USA & Turkey. Harmanli has showrooms in Istanbul & Hong Kong for the present.

The investment strategy of the founders leads up the company to the current position in the market. Harmanli aims to become an international brand name with its own retail organization by creating its unique shop concept with a wide range of products.