Company aims to satisfy its target customer with the best products and innovative designs available in the market. The keystone of these demanding collections is the hard teamwork. Harmanli operates its own manufacturing facilities that give the company the speed and the flexibility. Company headquarters and the two separate production facilities are located in Istanbul.

The company has its own design bureau. Additional creative support is provided by European design partners. The goods are being shaped in many different countries but brought to life in Istanbul main design office.

Harmanli uses the latest technology combined with the traditional handwork. This approach optimizes the quality of the products while keeping the artisanal touch as the added value. Moreover, a strict quality control mechanism has been implemented through out the production process to ensure top most quality. In addition to above-mentioned features, a thorough knowledge of different markets, professional approach and continuous focus on R&D and competitive adaptation are the key factors behind Harmanli’s success.